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Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

The Devonian Period: The Age of Fish

The Devonian is famous for the thousands of species of fish that developed 395 million years ago. In addition to fish, brachiopods also reached their zenith in number and diversity. Early brachiopods (mussels and clams), pelecypods (early oysters) and gastropods (snails), dominated the sea floors when land was submerged by warm, shallow seas.

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These bottom dwellers fed on food particles that they would filter out of the water. There are over 12,000 fossil species of brachiopods (and about 300 modern species). The abundance of species makes them useful for dating the rocks and associated fossils.

Evidence from Devonian supports the idea that the present continents were being united in a single continental mass called "The Old Red Sandstone Land Mass", uniting Gondwana, Laurentia and Baltica.

How did life make a comeback after the dinosaur-killing asteroid?

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rise and fall of dinosaurs

The Rise And Fall of The Dinosaurs
A New History of a Lost World
By Steve Brusatte

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Them Bones
Only one bone in a billion ever becomes fossilized. First, you have to die the right place and not be devoured. And, after millions of years, someone needs to recognize you as something worth keeping.

Dr. Christina Tucker, Biologist

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