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Now That's Wild is an independent teaching website promoting the study of evolutionary biology, animal behavior, and conservation.

Our goal is to stimulate learning and informed discussion about the natural world.

The majority of photos found on our site are originals by Nicole Reggia

Vist Nicole's Nature Blog: Nature by Nicole

Dave Bock

Nicole Reggia
Master Naturalist
Amy Carr
Web Development
Web Maintenance

Meet Some of the Members of Our Team

Jessica Dimuzio, VMD
Nonfiction children's book author and storyteller; Wildlife conservation educator and veterinarian
Norristown, PA


Jan Bickhart
Donation Coordinator and Foster, Dogs XL Rescue Group
Volunteer Equine Caregiver,
Project Horse, Purcellville, VA

Now That's Wild Team Member Dave V Dave Valaika
Divemaster, Conservationist
Owner: Indian Valley Scuba
Founder: Indian Valley Travel
Executive Director: IAHD-Americas
Harleysville, PA
Now That's Wild Team Member Brian Brian Rothman
Philadelphia, PA Educator,
Former Animal Trainer & Curator
Philadelphia Zoo, Night Flight Overnights and Zoo on Wheels
Now That's Wild Team Member GabGabrielle Bouet
Avian Specialist,
Former Animal Trainer
San Diego Zoo/San Diego Safari Park, California
Escondido, CA
Now That's Wild Team Member Steph Stephanie Berardi
Environmental Scientist
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Editor-in-Chief of Local Living Green Magazine
Now That's Wild Team Member AlexAlex Sawtschuk
Wildlife Photographer
Maastricht University, Netherlands
Now That's Wild Team Member Dr Tucker Dr. Christina Tucker
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer McGowan MarxJennifer Cherry
Beekeeper, scuba diver
Owner: La Ruche Farm, local honey and fresh, free range eggs
Worcester, PA
Now That's Wild Team Member TimTim Cherry
Department of Environmental Protection
Scuba Instructor, Beekeeper, Environmentalist
Worcester, PA
Now That's Wild Sarah Rollin NaughtonSarah Rollin Naughton
Arachnid, Arthropod & Reptile Specialist: Outreach Educator, Philadelphia Zoo
Environmental Educator,
Churchville Nature Center
SteveSteve Amelang
Marine Biologist,
Florida Institute of Technology